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Polyster Coating on Marble in India

Marble Table coating services - Royal Marble Craft

We here at Royal Marble Craft Delhi, offers Polyster Marble Coating for new products an Re-coating services for old products. Traditionally coating and polishing was done after installation of stone / marble. Today new marbles are coated and polished before installation. The coating solution penetrates through the marble by 4mm -5mm. Firstly the marble is poured with a water based chemical with crystal of nanotechnology. This process is called as “Peelane” in technical language.

The natural beauty of marble has been admired for centuries, and used in the home for just as long. Each piece of marble is unique, and you can feel like you’re getting something special when you buy a piece of marble furniture. We offers Marble re-coating services as well Marble Polishing services, which helps to maintain transparent and High gloss surface of Marble tables and other marble products. It provides protection to color stains, etches and dull spots to original body and work for many years.

Polyster Marble Coating and Polishing services in New Delhi

Enhance life of Marble

Regular cleaning and polishing once in 5-7 years will make the marble shine like ever. Every product needs maintenance to retain product quality and shine. Re-coating marble is the answer to keep the marble forever. Investing on Marble Coating give artifical shine additional to natural lusture.

Quality Preservation

Give a brand new look to your Marble products through re-coating, as Marble is preserved for long time through regular recoating which safeguard your base product , act as a protective layer covering to original product.

We operating Marble Polishing services in Kirti Nagar, New Delhi.

Marble Sealing

Sealing your marble needs to be in your priority list, if wants long life of your prouduct. Even if your piece arrives sealed already, you’ll need to re-apply a sealant once a year. When water stops beading on the surface, it’s time for a fresh coat. Remember that sealing your marble will help to repel staining agents, make it stain-proof to a large extent.